English is mportabt

Many foreigners can speak English. Saad today,My teacher gave me a work to prepare an assignment on topic "Importance of English as an international language" Now i need authentic material to get marks. In addition, in the company Rakuten, a Japanese cross between Amazon and Ebay, made it mandatory for their 7, Japanese employees to be able to speak English.

Eastbourne School of English Some great statistics, thanks for sharing them with us: Not that he is an aerospace engineer himself but because he gave me the love of space. Engineers are technically skilled professionals who are responsible for solving problems.

Enroll now at ISpeakBetter. The British Council projects that by two billion people in the world will be studying English.

The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

I chose this topic because it related directly to my audience whom are mostly engineering students. I do not speak English fluently. It is equally impossible to imagine how miserable life could be if there was no treatment to a simple cold. There are large number of books that are written in English language.

Why English is Important

What are the characteristics of succesfull engineer. When teachers ask you to closely analyze a poem or section from a story in English class, the assignment usually asks you to read slowly and to look for metaphors, hear the sounds of the words and figure out as many possible meanings for the text as you can.

What is the important significance of the English?

It helps you understand other languages English has a long and fascinating history that spans wars, invasions and influences from around the globe. Companies who want to function at an international level only consider their staff well educated if they are good English speakers, writers, and readers.

I think that is why I, as long as I can remember, wanted to become an attorney or an engineer.

Why Is English For Business Important?

Science has conferred many benefits in man. My dear, when do you intend to your own loving friend. Sports has become a very common field that everybody has interested in. A number of studies have consistently demonstrated that those who have an advanced knowledge of the English language are much more likely to advance in their careers.

Why Is English Class Important?

I have to get a C1 level of English because I want to study in England next year. English is an important language for inter-state communications. I'll be objective and They provide their expertise in areas such as mobility, counter mobility, survivability and general engineering.

Why is English important nowadays?

Effects of High-Stakes Testing on English Language Learners Essay positive and negative effects for ELLs may result on the heightened emphasis on high - stakes testing because their assessments are meant to raise the standards for learning; however, the disadvantage is that most of these high - stakes tests are only offered in English.

English is also hugely important as an international language and plays an important part even in countries where the UK has historically had little influence. It is learnt as the principal foreign language in most schools in Western Europe. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Read General Evening Post Newspaper Archives, Sep 30,p. 2 with family history and genealogy records from London, Middlesex Jul 10,  · English have become very important in our day to day life.

English speaking has become a necessity in the modern time. A English language caters to the needs of various section of the cwiextraction.coms: Why English is Important People often want to know the best language to learn to get ahead in life. Many think that learning English, the international language.

English is mportabt
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